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Bat Watching


Get outside!

Unless you live near the arctic or polar regions it is very likely you have bats living near you and your home!

  • During a warm summer night, head outside around sunset.

  • Look towards the sky, relax, be  patient, and you might be lucky enough to see acrobatic bats flying around and catching bugs!

  • They need to drink water, if you camp out next to a body of water like a lake it will increase your chances of observing a wild bat. 

  • If something flies by in a straight line there is a good chance it is a bird turning in for the night.

  • If you see a flying dark shape zig-zagging, swooping, diving, and flying around that is probably a bat!

Dvornikova.(2020). Bats- Bats flying over Lake Sammamish. Source: from videographer. 

The above video shows bats flying over Lake Sammamish in Washington. 

The biggest known bat colony in Washington State is in Olympia. Plan a visit to Woodard Bay

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