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How can I help bats?

Good news everyone! You can help bats too!

First, learn all you can about these creatures of the night and share with your friends and family about them. Teaching people how important bats are will help to reduce fears.
Then at home:
Welcome bats into your yard by planting native plant species and flowers for a bat friendly garden
set up a bat house for a new home.


3 cups


Bat house

Native flowers

No pesticides

1½ cups


Large Trees

Water source

Pesticide Free

Indoor cat

Don’t use pesticides, they not only take away a bat’s dinner but can also pollute water sources and the land (FWS, 2019).
Keep your cats inside where they cannot hunt wildlife outside. Check out this Happy Cat Brochure for more information.
Provide a pond or body of water, bats need clean fresh water to drink from. 
Save bat homes by leaving snags (dead trees) on your property where bats can roost inside (FWS, 2019).
If you have bats in your home that you do not want, help them escape safely without causing harm to you or them. Learn how to remove a singular bat here. Learn how to bat proof your home here. If you have bats in your barn or somewhere safe consider leaving them be and report the colony to your local Fish & Wildlife Department.
Beyond your home:
Let them sleep! Do not bother bats who are hibernating during the winter. Waking them up will cause them to lose precious fat stores and energy they need to survive the cold months. This includes avoiding caves and mines where some bats like to sleep (Batcon, n.d.)
Support or participate in habitat restoration in local parks, wetlands, and other wild lands.
Get involved with a conservation organization, show your support, and write your local congress people and governor about the importance of bats.
Fight Global Climate Change
Save bats, people, wildlife, and the whole world by doing everything you can to reduce negative impacts of climate change. Click here to find out how

All illustrations on current page. 2020. Source: courtesy of the author.

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